Alive Again

Scott Krippayne

I catch the sound of my name
And I start to wonder
Just how long I’ve been asleep
You say it’s time, time to rise
Wake from all this slumber
Suddenly my deepest winter’s turning into spring
Turning into spring

I’m alive, I’m alive again
I can feel my heartbeat
Breathing out and I’m breathing in
You have come and rescued me
And I’m alive again

I feel the sun on my face
Seems I had forgotten
What it means to really live
Filled with hope filled with love
And anticipation
Standing with my arms wide open free as I have been
Free as I have ever been

Repeat Chorus

You have saved me just by being
Filling emptiness with meaning
You put passion back into my soul

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Scott Krippayne/Mark Schultz

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