The Iconoclast

Scar Symmetry

Erase superstition,
engraved in the mind.
Seek out, locate,
the DNA that hides,
Mind-imprisoning to restrain life,
knowledge forgotten, believe the lie,

Vivid as a raging tidal wave,
every last illusion washed away,
taking life for granted, lead astray,
saved by catastrophe,
coming again, signs will descend,
ride on the tide that marks the end,
time to unfold, life will move onwards,
breaking the waves

Complete exposition,
ingrained unseen inside,
structure of fate,
the DNA decides,
all we know but can't believe,
beyond all science and religions,
once lost now taken back, certain victory,


Insane in every thought,
unsane our ways,
reclaim the knowledge lost,
subjugating tide,


I am the tide, the iconoclast
I am the tide that marks the end,
I will unfold and you will move onwards,
on through the waves...

Compositor: Jonas Kjellgren

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