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(I get my work from the Narco)
I can't hear you, but can you hear me?
I've been out the way, saw you're not
Here's just a little update

I've been layin' low for the last nine months, yeah
When shit got sticky, I appreciate the love, dark times
But now I know who I can trust
If you ain't hit me when you see me
don't be askin' for a hug
It's a dub
Only time you showin' love is when you got a cut
Leechin' off my name, it cut deep when it's your blood
I been at the studio while y'all been havin' fun
Took a step back to come back as the one
Learnin' lessons, I've been ascendin'
My vibe too high, I ain't gettin' no reception
Yeah, no reception
Vibes too high, I ain't gettin' no reception

Been some time since we spent some time
forever on your mind
You still talkin' 'bout what happened
you should tat me on your spine
So when them bitches kiss your back
they reminded that it's mine
I'm still the baddest in the game
and I ain't even in my prime
If you want me to apologize, I'll apologize
I thought it made it clear I wasn't tryna be your wife
Y'all should know that I ain't playin'
when I said I got a type
Sneaky links to Bora Bora, daddy, we can roll the dice

Takin' private flights
You love it when I treat you right
I love it when you make it swipe
I'll suck it when the time is right

CEO status, in another bracket
I remember days when I only had a mattress
Eatin' peanut butter sandwich
Man, I ain't have it
Thought the money make me better, it was makin' bad habits
It ain't solve shit
Therapy every week, a bottle, and some Saks Fifth boxes
A shoppin' alcoholic
When you gettin' big money, everybody start to change
Wipe my tears with some hunnids, that's some rich bitch pain
They callin' me Khaleesi 'cause I'm movin' like a queen
Said you is a king, it ain't really what you mean
Always tryna make a scene
Playin' victim got you lookin' like a softy
I need a Ned Stark, you new niggas is some Joffreys

Bratty-ass niggas always throwin' tantrums
I can't stand 'em, but
Before I, ayy, look

Before I eat my food, yeah, I gotta say my grace
Gotta keep the balance when a lot is on my plate
Yeah, your body lookin' good, but your brain is out of shape
I've been clearin' out my chakras when my body meditate
I'm a baddie when I'm bald, I'm a baddie with a lace
Always switchin' up the vibe, it's dependent on the day
Icy gang, know I love 'em, here's a little update
I appreciate the patience
PBM is on the way (Pretty bitch music)

I'm sorry, but the person you called
has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet
No reception

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