Icy Grl


Can't stop won't stop get guap
Ten white toes in them tory flip flops
Manicures and pedicures I'm always tip top
When they say I'm not hot
all these lies need to stop

Cuz I'm icy, wifey haters wanna fight me
Never been the one get rip up on a white tee
Keep my hands clean
got some hittas moving shiesty
Ask me if I'm rollin'
with some gucci bitch I might be
It's very unlikely my wrist ain't looking icy
Charging by the minute
cause my time is very pricey

Yea, I be where the bosses be
Judging from my vibe
you can feel it in my energy
Stacking paper steadily
so I can live in luxury
Looking in the mirror
I thank God for what I'm about to be

You beefing with my enemy
does not make you a friend of me
Girls so weird stay clear
I'm living drama free
Never living comfortably
got a lot of goals to meet
My team is trying to eat

so we grinding til' our mental bleed
You trynna get a bag of weed?
I'm trynna get a bag a week
Put it in my savings
and invest in the right companies
My dream is like a child
and I'm taking all the custody
Obstacles be slowing me
But that buffer molden me

So I take my time
cause I'm always where I'm suppose to be
Keep my niggas close to me
cause I'm knowing they go for me
You can not get a hold of me?
I'm probably in a solo meet
Always making moves man
that's how I keep my sanity

Yeah it's my teams summer couple set backs
Bounce back and recover
The clique real small but we making big moves
And we headed to the top
so we can get a better view like

Imma catch a tan overseas
while I'm out the country
Let me get some hennessy
while I'm chilling on the beach
Imma count a couple g's
let the server bring receipts
Double checking my expenses
never messy always neat

Neva eva, thats how a hot girl do it
Numba one stunna icy girl with a cuban
Cash money mama that be dining in bahamas
Eating fettucini pasta
with the scallops and the lobsters

I don't got no time for these hoes
Speaking on my name
like I'm someone that they know
I'm the big cat bitch
yes these niggas love me
Is there gucci on my feet?
Shit, bitch it might be!

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