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Never exhume me
I don't want you anymore
Colors are fading
You took all that I want
Memories are brimming and I hope you know
I am bleeding eternally for you

Lying stars
You make me dream of bliss
Greedy mind
Nothing is so right
Fear is compressed and my stomach aches
You could amaze me forever

I can't believe this isn't a dream
My lucent orb is fading bright
I can't believe it was a dream
So hard to reignite myself

I can't believe this isn't a dream
Is this the way we end up?
I can't believe it was a dream
A flashback is all I got in my hand?

Violet Sky
You know what this means?
I had always been there for you
And now I'm ready to dive in the danger zone
I know for sure because this is the way I am

Spatial patterns deep inside of me
Lose yourself on accumulated ground
All I know is my soul is unbreakable

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