Saving Jane


Saving Jane

Tragic, Confusing when you slam the door
I've never lost someone like you before
And let you go softly not even a sound
Hoping that someday you'd come back around

Cause I miss your sandpaper face against mine
The way you get impatient waiting in line
It doesn't matter if we don't agree
I like you even when you don't like me

And I'm lost when you're away
Lost, fade into gray

Captive to words that I wish I Could say
I never imagined I'd crumble this way
Somehow I thought this was where I belonged
Don't leave me wondering if I was wrong

Cause I'm lost when you're away
Lost, fade into gray

Lost when your away
Lost fade into gray
Lost when you're away(Lost in the shadow that you left behind)
Lost fade into gray

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