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Almost New

Sara Evans

Almost new
That's the way the whole world looks tonight,
thats the way you make me feel and I,
Hope you feel it to.

When new everything can only be alright,
the future cant be anything but bright,
When your world is new.

They tell you when your young,
Your dreams will come undone,
and the tears will fall.
Maybe for once they're wrong,
maybe when love is strong you can have it all,
you cant beat the odds.
Almost new.
Dont ever say the word impossible,
everythings exactly wonderfull.
cuz your world is new..

Way back a million years,
there was a garden here,
they burned it down..
Maybe before were through,
we'll plant a gardenen to,
with this love we've found
on this holy ground.
Almost new..
Anyway thats how it feels tonight,
Everything is gonna be alright.
Cuz its almost new,
Yes it's almost new.

Almooooost neeeeeeeewwwww

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