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Inside Out

Sara Bareilles

Careful Confessions

I’ve been winding down the same road for days,
I’ve seen the coastline going both ways.
Some days are perfect, and some simply could not get worse.
Some days it’s all worth it, and some days this life is nothing but a curse.

And I wonder who will break first…

I am small. I feel like no more than nothing at all.
But when I lose sight of daylight, and my darkness falls
I’ll be strong. And if not now it won’t be long
From when I lose sight of daylight
And my hands are weak and my soul is tired
Oh, I’ll give my love from the inside out
From the inside out

Little spirit, now don’t you desert me now
I know I don’t always hear it, but you don’t always speak so loud.
And I’m not willing to simply lay down my soul for this.
It may be all that I’m giving, oh but take my love for what it is.


Take your best shot. Here I stand heart in hand.
And fearless I’m not, but I am what I am.
I know what I’m not, and I know enough to know it’s never
Gonna be much more than weather, you can’t drive me away
When it’s only rain.
It’s only rain.
It’s only rain.
It’s only rain.

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