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Every Day Stranger

Sara Bareilles

Every word, every touch every look is a little too much
I’m helpless now to the arms of this stranger.
Haunting smiles, one by one creep inside and it’s over and done
Lost control, but without feeling danger

Does he know how it feels, to be dying inside when he goes
How it feels to be wondering if anything shows how it feels
Oh my everyday stranger.

Playing games in my mind say that I don’t want one of his kind.
I’ll wrap him up in a blanket of goodbyes
Then a turn for the worst, he looks up and I’m already cursed.
Tangled up and it’s harder to disguise.


There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep from dreaming of you
Unless you wanted me to.
But that’s something I may never know
There’s nothing I wouldn’t say to make it easier to walk away
Unless you ask me to stay
But the only way I’ll survive is if I go.


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