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Love Never Fails

Sandy & Junior

Nossa História (Ao Vivo)

There will be those times we fight back tears
And there will be those times when we get scared
As long as we´re together we´ll get there
Cause love never fails.. Love never fails

I have all that I need
So much so I feel weak
Cause the love that we have is never ending
All the moments we make
Are too precious to waste
In a world that is forever changing

I wouldn´t change you for anything
I will be forever loving you


Asleep or awake
No there´s never a day
That goes by when I don´t think about you
Only you touched my life
For the very first time
I´ll be lost surely without you

I wouldn´t change you for anything
I will be forever loving you


There´s no greater gift
Than love that you breathe
Forever hold me
Many rivers to cross
But our love will guide us
It´s all we need


There will be those times that test our faith
On some of the roads that we have to take
But I know that we´ll always find our way
Cause love never fails Love never fails

Composição: K. Dahlgaard/J.M. Pederson/J. Morrisson

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