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I Will Lift You Up

Sandy & Junior

Sandy & Junior: ao Vivo Maracanã

I heard you cry, I saw you last night
Something really heavy playing on your mind
If you wanna talk, I'm here for you
You're fellin' down you wanna give in
Feelin' like you haven't got the streagth to win
Just turn around I'll be there for you
It doesn't matter if the leaves start to fall
Or even if the sun never shines at all
Rainy days go on and on
All the lonely nights are too long
From January to December
When the Spring turns to winter
Every minute, every hour
Anytime, just remember


I will lift you up
When the seas get rough
Higher than the darkest clouds
We'll reach the blue skies up above
We can fly away
'til we find a brighter day
Anytime you feel alone and love has let you down
I'll lift you up

You couldn't see the journeys end
Can't get off the road leading you nowhere
Just turn around
I'll hold your hand
You take a chance, you pay the price
It doesn't mean to say you'll always get it right
When tomorrow comes, just try again

Composição: Sandy/álvaro Socci, Cláudio Matta, Versão Em Inglês: J.jaimes, S.w-jaimes

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