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Love Is The Price (feat. Dj Bobo)


The Art Of Love

Freedom, love - forever
When love is the price

Dj Bobo
Baby's in the parlour - waiting for the rain
Beating like a hammer - washing out the pain
Clearing like the one - seven years ago
When her first big love - melted like snow
Back then she doubet - if she would ever find a man
Who could love her that way - the same way again
And just when she thought - she's living in vain
The man of her dreams came like the rain

Love is the price
Freedom is the cost
Love is the price
Freedom is the cost
And just when you think
Everything is lost

Dj Bobo
That's the price of love

Dj Bobo
They spoke about her dreams - they spoke about love
They spoke about the things she was so afraid of
He had the keyword for everything she felt
It didn't take long 'til he got her nailed
Pin one's hope on someone else's life
And all your dreams will hurt you like a knife
The same way her - she soon get lost
When love is the price - freedom is the cost

Romance, kisses, beauty, love - forever

Dj Bobo
Then she didn't trust that very first man
To come into her life - trying to understand
What move about it ever it couldn't before
She only made her see there is something more
To learn about freedom - to feel about love
To handle all the things she was so afraid of
To always feel what she really felt inside
Everythig else was like a rollercoster ride

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