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When The Time Comes

Sandi Patty

Cleanse me Lord of al my silly, sad charades
How I want to be all and only Yours
Take away the clutter in my life everday
And make me like a child at play

Give me joy, I love to laugh and cry with You
You’ve become a friend with me all the time
Help me to be patient as I watch and as I pray
Growing in Your love each day, Lord, show me the way

When the time comes, I want Him to know me
When the time comes, I want to be there
And when the time comes, I wanna be ready
When Jesus comes to take me, take me home

Fill me Lord, I want Your love to overflow
Running free through me, to a lonely world
Let me share that simple truth that sets people free
How I want them all to see how it can be

Compositor: Dave Kavich

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