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These Are The Days

Sandi Patty

It´s like the moment
When the sun wakes up the night
I'm stretching out
To heaven reaching for Your light
A chance to say I love You
The perfect entrance to the day
And as I pray in Your quiteness
Reflecting on Your grace

These are the days
That I wish to never end
When I wake within Your presence
When we make the day begin
When morning is spent
Bringing us together
These are the days

It's a struggle not
To let time simply fade
How my routines and my patterns
Quickly lose You in their maze
Oh Jesus, feep my faithfull
Cause when I start the day with You
I see Your truth prove
To be faithful in me too

God Let me see
Your perfect will unfold in me
Lord as I seek You
Reveal this mystery

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