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Somebody Believed

Sandi Patty

Abraham believed the Lord, his faith was counted good
And Noah by this trust was led to safety thru the flood
Jericho was conquered, the giant David slew
And all because they trusted in what God could do

Somebody believed, somebody believed
Someone dared to take the good Lord at His word
Somebody believed, somebody believed
And God move His mighty hand when somebody believed

The sinner finds the Savior, the blind man finally sees
The weak man finds his strength to carry on
And all because somebody spent some time down on his knees
Believin’ that in Jesus every battle can be won

St. Peter walked on the water, the others were in shock
He said, “There ain’t nothin’ to it boys, I was standin’ on the Rock”.

Compositor: Gary Dunham; Rosemary Dunham

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