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Pour On The Power

Sandi Patty

The Finest Moments

Looking up from the bottom
If seems like along way to go
The mountain’s dark and steep
The climbing is oh so slow
Your body aches
You’re out of breath
You’re ready to give in
But don’t give up
You’ve got the strength
To make it to the end

You can pour on the power
And pull the mountain down
You can pour on the power
And claim in the higher ground
You may think you’re at a wall
But it’s just a door that’s all
‘Cause you ain’t seen nothing
Until you pour on the power

You don’t have to be weary
His power is moving in you
If you’ll just draw upon it
Your strength’s gonna be renewed
There’s no need
To turn around
There’s no need to stop
Stand up straight
Look ahead
And march on to the top

When it’s hard to keep your feet on the road
And you need some help to carry the load
Call upon the Master
And you will receive
The courage and the strength that you need
To believe

No you ain’t seen nothing
Until you pour on the power

Compositor: Mark Gersmehl; Niles Borop; Dwight Liles

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