Once And For All

Sandi Patty

I was tired, I was weary of
Running the endless race alone
I remember the emptiness
All the reward I had to show
You were there all the time
Holding on to my life
You heard when I cried

Once and for all - You gave it all
Held oput Your hand to me - My destiny
Tore down the wall - Once and for all
Built between God and man
Love made me understand
You came, You died to save the world
For our hearts great and small
Once and for all

There's a longing in every heart
Needing the deeper touch of love
In our search we look everywhere
It's always been waiting there just above
You saw the world in its pain
In our struggle You came
You broke all the chains


This heaven's gift the world receives
The love You freely give
You only ask that I believe
For me to truly live

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