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No Place To Lay My Head

Sandi Patty

A cloud without color cloaks the dawn
As I cling to my earnest resolve
With faltering footsteps yet fire in my heart
I fight to stand up when I fall

Though the drone of defeat drums a deafening roar
And mocks each advance that I make
I refuse to retire or relinquish my hold
On the righteousness I undertake
I’m a pilgrim of heaven… this world’s not my own
I may walk by myself… but I’m never alone

No place to lay my head
Like my Lord who came before
Though the birds have their nest
I have nowhere to rest
And there is no place to lay my head

The struggle is sweetness and pleasure the pain
As I walk where the Savior has been
Adversity howls down the mountain I climb
With the fury of Golgotha’s wind

The rendering of pride is the sword in my side
And surrender the nails in my hands
Down my own way of sorrows I carry my cross
On a journey that’s just as He planned
Bearing scars of my master’s, my heart’s near His own
I may die by myself, but I’m never alone


Compositor: Greg Nelson; Bob Farrell

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