Love Overflowing

Sandi Patty

You give me love overflowing, a new kind of caring
A new life I’m sharing in all that I do
And because Lord You fill me with joy that keeps growing
My love’s overflowing for You.

Oh, Lord, sometimes I can’t help looking back at yesterday
At how I was a child of Yours who knew You were The Way
But though I was so near to You, You seemed so far away
I wish I’d known you then oh Lord the way I do today
Oh, Lord I wonder why it took me all this time to see
The joy that comes from walking with You in Your victory

Oh, Lord I guess I never knew how full my life could be
‘Cause now it’s overflowing with this love You’re giving me

Oh, Lord I want to show the world the miracles You do
The way You turned my life around, the way You made me new
And when in words of faith I speak, You let You light shine through
You fill me up with love once more so I can live for You

Compositor: Claire Cloninger; Ron Harris

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