Long Look

Sandi Patty

I can hardly believe my feet
Have brought me this far
To the top of a mountain
At the edge of the stars
An I know there´s a reason
God has shown me this place
To see with new vision the journey I face
I´m a river that reels
Through the distance below
Winding through choices
And the way I must go

I take a long look... a long look
It´s a hard climb that takes a long time
I can see where I´m going
And some places I´ve been
I take a long, long look

Every summit I reach seems
The highest I´ve been
With my valleys below
God renews me again
I can say my good-byes
To all the struggle and tears
When I see through His eyes
I´ve got nothing to fear
For joy´s there to meet me
And wisdom´s my friend
My companion that helps me
Find purpose again


Compositor: Greg Nelson & Bob Farrell

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