Lift Up The Lord

Sandi Patty

This is the place and the Lord is here
His love is all we need
Lift your voice and sing this song
The song of the redeemed
Let’s celebrate and join our hands
Lifting up our King
‘Cause love I what we bring

Lift up the Lord, right here where we are
Lift up the Lord, for loving us and bringing us this far
The time is right and we have come
To glorify His name
If we open up to Him
We won’t leave here the same
There is nothing we can’t do
With His power and might
We’ll show His love to all the world
We’re called to be His light

I don’t know what brought you here
But I‘m so glad you came
To help me lift this song of praise
And magnify His name

Compositor: Gary McSpadden / Billy Smiley / Sandi Patti Helvering

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