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Keeper Of The Well

Sandi Patty

There's a well at the top of the mountain
Where the water flows so deep it has no end
And there's a man with his hand extended
Come and drink this living water and never thirst again

I've been drawin' water
Refreshing water
From the mighty wells of salvation
Opened up in the house of David
The rich and the poor
The feeble and the children
Meet at the well on common ground
To let their water buckets down
It's free for the asking
Nobody can buy or sell
You just gotta have a connection
To know the keeper of the well

I was dry like a hot barren desert
Nothing else could satisfy this thirst in me
Quite like a drink of cool clear water
And the keeper of the well is giving living water free

Compositor: Dottie Rambo

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