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Jesus, You're Everything

Sandi Patty

There was a time not long ago
I was lost and confused
I didn’t know where to go
And no one seemed to care
But there you were, by my side,
You’d been with me all the way
I never thought I’d find such love
But now I’m here to stay

Jesus, oh Jesus
You mean everything, You’re all the world to me
Jesus, oh Jesus
You mean all the world to me
You mean all the world to me

Jesus, You are all I need
You’ve loved away my sorrow
And with me You will always stay
You’ll help me face tomorrow
Oh, Jesus, I will praise Your Name
In everything I do
‘Cause You’re the one who gave me strength
Through Your words of life so true

Compositor: Sandi Patti Helvering / John L. Helvering

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