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Jesus Came (when I Needy)

Sandi Patty

I had wandered in my heart
So far from home
I bore the weight of sin
My faith grew cold
O, I feared the angels that protect me
Had flown, had left me
Then I reached for heaven
And turned my face to Him

Savior came when I was needy
Mercy found when I was lost
But for Him my soul would perish
O, Savior finds the heart that's lost

Weary pilgrim tossed and torn
I'd lost my way
I had stumbled into darkness
From His light of day
Yet, I knew the Master who had made me
Was faithful to reclaim me
There I cried for mercy and fell upon His love

Repeat Chorus

You left the ninety and nine
To save the one lost sheep
Good shepherd
You came looking for me

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Bob Farrell; Greg Nelson

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