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It's Your Song, Lord

Sandi Patty

It's a really good night to be praising Your name
This place is so full of Your light
And I thank You for sisters and brothers like these
And the song that we're singing tonight

'Cause it's Your song Lord
You created the gift that we bring
It's Your song Lord
You created music so we could sing
So we'll send the melody right back around
We'll make a perfect circle with the sound
We love to lift our voices Lord
'Cause every time we do
We're singing Your song for You

When we come together, it's always the same
The love in our hearts is so strong
And we're longing to tell You and praise You again
So thank You for sending the song

In the tune of the raindrop
And the song of the wind
All music begins in your heart
When we lift a song
We 're just sending it home
Right back where it starts

Singing Your song
Singing Your song for You

Compositor: Sandi Patti Helvering; Billy Smiley; Claire Cloninger; David T. Clydesdale

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