In Heaven's Eyes

Sandi Patty

A fervernt prayer rose up to heaven
A fragile soul was losing ground
Sorting through the earthly babel
Heaven heard the sound
This was a life of no distinction
No successes only tries
But gazing down on this unlovely one
There was love in heaven's eyes

In heaven's eyes
There are no losers
In heaven's eyes
No hopeless cause
Only people like you
With feelings like me
Amazed by the grace
We can find
In heaven's eyes

The orphaned child, the wayward father
The homeless traveler in the rain
When life goes by and no one bothers
Heaven feels the pain
Looking down God sees each heartache
Knows each sorrow, hears each cry
And looking up we'll see compassion's fire
Ablaze in heaven's eyes


Compositor: Phill Mchugh

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