God Of All Of Me

Sandi Patty

Lord You are God of the morning light
Master of the shining sun
And ruler of the night
God of the earth and God of the sea
Voice that fills creation
From the mountains’ majesty
Lord God of all
You know my ways
Giver of breath to my dying day
Almighty God of all I can see
Build up Your Kingdom in me

Father take my heart
Hold it in your hand
Be the God of all of me
Father take my life
Everything I am
Keeper of my soul
God of all of me

Lord in my soul
In secret parts of me
There are places in my heart
That only You can reach
Brighter shines my hope
Than the morning light
Deeper is my stain of sin
Than any dark of night
Father who rules
All of earth and sea
Reign over dreams
That I dare not speak
Lord God of all
Be God of these
Rule ev’ry kingdom in me

Chorus (twice)

Compositor: Michael W. Smith And Bob Farrell

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