Child Of Peace

Sandi Patty

On a night of promise long ago
When a star announced the light of hope
To a world that knew no peace before
The holy Child of Peace was born

But He stirred their longings deep within
For His kingdom knew no end
From a place eternal... high above
The wondrous Child of Peace had come

From a blessed virgin full of grace
With the light of heaven on His face
To a stable in a shepherd town
A King had come who wore no crown

Child of comfort... Child of light
Hope that drives away the night
Touch our lives from heaven above
Oh, Child of Peace we need Your love

In a world where peace eludes us still
Where the heart exerts its will
At a time when words are not enough
Oh, Child of Peace we need Your love
Oh, Man of Peace we need Your love

God who only knows our need
Come to us, oh, Child of Peace

Compositor: Bob Farrell

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