Sandi Patty

Life puts our hearts through changes
But we're better for the wear
For the scars from our mistakes
Are the wisdom we now share
That someone else is needing
To illuminate their walk
As they try to find their place
Somewhere in the will of God
Sometimes we're...

Candles in the night
Shining someone home
We may not know their name
Cause we're praying for their soul
Cause we're candles in the night
Pushing back the dark
Reaching for their hearts
We're candles in the night

So if you run into a stranger
Wandering down some road
You just might be the angel
That they've been praying for
So let His light beam through you
Like a beacon on the sea
You might be someone's blessing
The answer to their need
Sometimes we're...

Repeat Chorus

Light of the world
Shine through us
So all will see Your love
All will see Your love

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Ty Lacy; Bo Cooper

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