All The Stars

Sandi Patty

My heart goes out to you as you go your way
Take strength my friend in all you do
I pray that God will keep you in loving care
And all the stars shine down on you

And should you wake to mornings
So cold and gray
I pray the sun comes shining through
May heaven keep the secrets
Of all your dreams
And all the stars shine down on you

May the road in the distance
Always rise to meet you
And the sun charge the evening
To keep her eye on you

And in the night when birds
Mourn a lonesome cry
I’ll send this song of hope to you
When moonlight casts a blanket
Of heaven’s glow
Let all the stars shine out for you

May the wind through the trees
Whisper words of peace to you
And the arms of the forest
Hold you in safe embrace

And as you go, I pray ‘til we meet again
That all the stars shine down on you
Let all the stars shine their light on you

Compositor: Greg Nelson & Bob Farrell

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