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'Round Midnight

Samara Joy

A pale and lonely moon lights the sky
in the dark before the dawn
I sit here in my room, how
I sigh for the day that's come and gone
Another lonely day passes by and the new day's comin' on
At midnight

Tears I shed today will pause, waiting until tomorrow
Dreams of what could be come close to me, timidly
There's a brand new day in sight
At that time time 'round about midnight
Life's a game of chance
and you're just one of the minor players
Look for what you love, the day to come harbours some
Let your eyes put out their light
At that time 'round about midnight

Every day is gonna bring some sadness
Every day is gonna bring some gladness
So take what you can of the glad times
Don't measure your pleasure in nickels and dimes

Look back on today
And you'll know when you have been unhappy
Fears done chased away just might have their day to smite
Let your spirits stop the fight
At that time 'round about midnight

Let our hearts take wings 'round midnight, midnight
Let the angels sing for your returning
Till our love is safe and sound
And old midnight comes around

I'll think no more about today
For in awhile this old day will be yesterday
Alone at midnight in my room
I sit here in the gloom
My dreams take flight
'round about midnight

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