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Salem Ilese

(L)only Child - EP

Thank you for Mama's recipe
Step by step got to disagree
Holdin' my ground and my beliefs
Acceptin' the best and worst of me

Thank you to Dad, I got your eyes
Not in the color, but inside
Showing me there's a darker side
But you taught me how to see the light

Thank you to all my friends at home
For makin' it fine to not belong
Sometimes I may have felt alone
But I didn't get here on my own

Thank you to those who do me wrong
For teachin' me how to carry on
I know forgiveness makes me strong
God, help mĐ” live with open arms
The world at is worst is hard to takĐ”
But every solutions finds mistakes
We can be somethin' beautiful
Let's turn into somethin' beautiful

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