Sacha Sacket


Your halo is on my mind
Wearing through thoughts I fight
Like are you real? Am I right for you?

Your halo is all I find.
Wonder why you shine so bright
When I've been real, I've been right to you

'Cause I know you've never been seen,
Though you could say no one's looking
Follow the length of your dream,
Wake up to find you've got nothing
Borrow the rate race routine,
Try to squeak by, end up screaming
'Cause although you never believe,
I know you'll still try to do the right thing

Your halo was never light,
Uses hope like a knife
When I find nothing right with me

For these dreams
I won't see but that don't mean
There can't be greater things
Dreamt for me

And you know I've never been seen
Though you could say we're all looking
Follow the lenght of my dream,
Wake up to find a different meaning
Borrow the rate race routine,
Try to sneak by, still get nothing
'Cause although I have to believe,
Watch me struggle to do the right thing

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