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cindy lou who

Sabrina Carpenter

fruitcake - EP

I saw you laughing' in one of his pictures
Bet you'll be the one with his ring on your finger
There's red and green everywhere, but I'm so blue
Cindy Lou Who

Maybe he met you somewhere in the desert
While he was soul searchin', he found someone better
Guess you make him happy like I couldn't do
Cindy Lou Who

(Ooh) with your hair so long, lips so red
(Ooh) maybe we met once, I forget
(Ooh) scrollin' five years back, I'm obsessed
Breakin' my heart, 'tis the season, I guess

(Ooh) with your hair so long, lips so red
(Ooh) if you're waking up now in his old bed
(Ooh) at his family's house, know that you're just
Breaking my heart, 'tis the season, I guess

The snow's gonna fall and the tree's gonna glisten
And I'm gonna puke at the thought of you kissin'
The boy who I love, who's now in love with you
Cindy Lou Who
Told all my friends
They said it can't be true
Cindy Lou Who

Composição: Amy Allen / John Ryan / SABRINA CARPENTER

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