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The Thief And The Fallen


You leave yourself behind
In the arms of the mob
And their fear
You burn like their torches
With the true passion of disbelief
And you love your pain... in every way

Her dress is still in the ground
You cannot find your prey now
Her ghost still clutching at you
This, where you left her dead

Save me from them
Attend to my wake
We wield our laughter like sadness
Like hours only borrowed in death
Please let me in
Into your heart
With all but your shadow concealing me
Darkness revealing I fall...

Paradise was yours
Dismembered now
On a throne with a crown
And an opera
And your eyes cant stand the light
In the dying of night, you drown

You have forsaken birth
And spoken in tounges of salvation
This is a plauge of hands
A life of stolen treasure

Take me from them
I have no one else
I'll sear my way straight through your bosom
With claws and with teeth right through you
I'll tear you apart
Like the dress that you loved
You kept your rage safe for the mornings
When I was defenseless and weak

Yours is the night
Avatar of Sorrow
Far from your own
Lost and alone

I wept for you
Gave my eyes to see
All that was you
Gave my hands to feel
I gave my life for you lies
Called you out, forced to cry
Gave my breath for your breath
Come lay your hands upon me

Yours is the night
Avatar of Sorrow
Far from your own
Lost and alone

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