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Skarlet Industries


This will be my storm to defeat
You will dance in black snow and misery

To the sound of carnivals
I wash the rust away from you
And with your golden skin
You steal all the glow from the sun
What world lies beyond the smoke
As the dust settles on our clothes
They slid their envelopes
Neath our door just to see me twitch

Wake up, my hands are tied to a girl and her corroded soul
By god I think I know her, by smile, by name
She lays puzzles with a broken mirror. Makes a picture of a factory
I try to slit my throat with my pillow to feel what she feels

I try to touch myself... I can still hear, I can still smell their passion
What numbness pass through my veins, no lust, no shame...
They used to be so brave... Do you recall, do you remember anything?
We played a bold messiah... Do you believe, do you pretend to be anything?

All my life I have seen your face
And the end is always near, here with you

I saw you lose your ground in a marvelous black and white
On the tiles I write you down like a scar painted hologram
This room will pass you by as you hang yourself in the draft
With your needle halfway in, what else will you take from me?

Wake up, your hands are tied, and the wars that you fought forgotten
And the beauty of the slaughter escapes you, your mind is tried
They whisper in the voice of your blood, of the day when you will save them all
See me leaning on the windowpane to feel what you feel

Come make my soul as your soul, be the machine, be the cruel fight for beauty
What numbness pass through your veins, all lust, no name...
We are the wildest of them, you cannot die, I cannot see you dancing
We've lived our lives in anguish, I cannot move, you cannot flee this horrid place...

I paint myself a mouth with which to kiss you
Your abstinense! no city shall ever burn here
You cant sear me, I play with the cold horizon
And please myself and watch you when you are sleeping
A child once wept at the sight of your milkwhite body

You will return to me from the hallway and from the dream
Why are you afraid my love? This is the grave you have dug for yourself
I watch you melt away while you die in your masquerade
This world will pass you by to a song trailing down from above...

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