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Nine Circles


With my hands with holes right through them
I could see your hollow heart
Where we climbed the roof together
To escape from the dark

Through the nights we prayed for nothing
To the emptiness of you
Were your wings not cut and severed clean from you
You would fly

No amount of tears can save you boy
You are forever falling

Here, ten thousand devils begin to cry when you open up your bloodshot eyes
And they raise their hands up to the sun and they bow their heads down in rememberance
Would you join me in my cold prison?
My winter, my winter!
I would cry but my tears are frozen
Unwritten, unwritten!
To the dawning when I was rejected
Corrected, erected!
I lock myself up with death and reap!

I arch my back to the morning
Tempting you
And cringe into a statue
And close my eyes
Carry yourself above me
In the light
And leave the earth in my hands
To despise
What remedies you've chosen
Wont heal me
I stand among the broken and believe...

Cant you see I was god when you gave to me?
All your life, all your woes and the ocean that raged inside you
On my knees on the ground I am lost somehow
Trembling hands in my hands, you have weighed me down

Lay to waste all that I have suffered for
Cast your stone, I'll be last through my dying hour
I've become tragedy in its utmost meaning
Maybe now, Jesus Christ... all my pain...

Ten little angry devils left, marching down from a funeral
Nine little angry devils left, joining hands in circles of fire
Eight little angry devils left, on a bridge to weak to hold them all
Seven little angry devils left, each one with a gun to their head
Six little angry devils left, building walls to the emptiness
Five little angry angels left, and they spread their wings over your eyes
Four little angry devils left, and the drinks are on the house
Three little angry devils left, drawing straws on who's to die
Two little angry devils left, looking into eachothers eyes
One little angry devil left, there's no hope... no hope... there's no...

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