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Josephine Sleeper


Sweet Josephine
Collapsed against the wooden wall
And no one could hear
All the poems she read to him
Barefeet and all
Every splinter a different dream
Josephine never slept
She denied it all

In the night - she would rage against the heaven
Silently - slide across the dust and rubble
Where he lay - open doors like words are spoken
Still her fears - She has sealed this room forever

She had a love for death
It was the taste of it
In every single breath
Where he would sing a song to live
With many hours left
And countless sorrow too
She could not feel bereft
And still she lost it all to him
Always at war with night
That brought the walls too close
As when the days took flight
And trembling legs were still too strong
She could not weep for him
But touch him through the wall
He might be listening
And they would lay together

It's all the same to her
For she had waited much too long

There was a crack in the bed
Where Josephine Sleeper hid away
And no one could see
Whatever games she would play there
And she would pretend
Those were his fingers that she felt
One final sigh
And they would touch death

All gone now - all her lust and love forgiven
Josephine - fold around her own endeavours
She'd cast herself
Down unto the floor
All to feel his breath again
Warm against her neck
Sweet Josephine
There are no dreams for her
Fingers braded through eachother
She sings a lullaby
He cannot hear
And throws her arms around
Dancing with her only lover
It's what she cannot feel
That frightens her
The things she might reveal
Stirring up the darkness of him...

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