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One More Time


The time is gone like a real dream and awful
Could never notice inside your face
Is there a lie? it really is for me
It seems something so deep, pure and clean

Could it seem really complex?
But I feel the need to break it down
Coz theres no words in action
The eyes don't see around

I need to ask one more time (one more time)
No matter who are calling me around

I need to ask ...
But I'm feeling like a lier
I wanna find another chance to my life
I need to ask ...
But I'm feeling like a lier
'cause it's falling all night
No even getting a single breath (just one more time)

I see footprints it were left to behind
I couldn't see because I was blind
I don't like adapting myself to this lie
Prefer to get my own right

Could it seem really complex and unreal
But time is gone for me as to all world
Nobody could understand me
Coz I can be the only

I need to find the world on my around
To not be alone and brain sick in my breakdown

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