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You Wanted


You had entered in in the good friends' group
You had presented the good first arrival
You are the first part of presenting of the show
And I will struggle for that
person and it had won my hunger
You are the sense of being
impassioned by a person
Of a spoon and for the whole
language and that girl's face

Think about that, you will understand that
good first arrival
It will be of receiving an I reward angry that
know scans that to know
He/she wakes up me in the dawn,
agreement spreading curtains
It is later will be fallen for the building
and to hold and to hold fast
In the risk of an iron and you to
elevate won't have taste first death

I am going my first trip
I am everyday here
To want me good first arrival when beginning
Before going my walk with my friends bolt the eyes for
To be imagining in that thing that we go
I want to move forward in the person
that is a lot of playboy
My confused head this turning
me crazy and dizzy middle
I don't manage to do so
many confusion to face
For means of roads of
so many things that he has

The day by day is going passing
very fast for the movements
You kick me and I hold your neck to end with you
You this very bothered one with me?
I catch you for the ears and I will gyrate
so fast that will faint and to break the mirror
In the things that I order you that
to do a tournament for the champion
Walking step in step for the back and turn the neck back
For me to kill you and you will be
everything hard and later this dries too much
And she didn't want you and I to
do such complicated things


I am going in any part without
stopping and without stopping
I am going in any part without
stopping and in and it takes me away
I am going in any part without
stopping and of time in time and in
once in a while and in in out in and

Don't take me away
If I don't break you
Don't take me away

Composição: Fernando Lopez E Xd. Staffer

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