Rylo Rodriguez

You Should

Rylo Rodriguez

Someway, one day
Someway, one day
(Perry been shootin')

Free Lil' Tootie, he got told on by his codefendant
Shouldn't hiked the ball, he found that out
when he put his motion in
Wanna stop beefin' with my nigga
but it was too far, he was my closest friend
Thinkin' them was my dawgs
I lost a book every time I showed my hand
Corner store T-shirt with Lil Sly
right now he own the brand
Project days, Ac broke, we was hot, boy we turned on the fan
Girl I hit tellin' me what I said 'bout
thinkin' I only told my mans
Fuck her, I can't hold your hand
I'd rather let her hold the band
But I'ma keep my drum though
just bought it from the pawn store
Snakes insidĐ” the grass, you gon' get bit
if you don't keep the lawn low
Seen a couplĐ” of my days ones go get mad
when I bought a lawn mower
I done hit so many of these niggas housewives in a condo
I be wondering what my bitch been doin'
Ion't know who you with when I'm away
I ain't never home like Kyrie
Just don't let me find out
They try you, but don't you try me
If you with a nigga
just don't have no conversation talkin' 'bout me
You get a drive from shootin' dice
this shit was neutral 'til you crapped out
Asked you 'bout a murder for your brother
but you reversed it, now you back out
And your partner hit a lick until ya lit, 'til it backfire
Tired of burying the bros, I'm following the hearse
I'm hoping it catch a flat tire
Really tryna wrap a nigga, tell these rapper niggas
I ain't they rap out
Where them diss songs? In your phone, hold up
choppa got 'em Airdrop
Quit gambling with my life, I was shooting dice
hope he crap out
'Til the police shut down junky store with a pot
that's something to laugh at
For a ho, he picking out plants
buying roses, can't believe it
How you do that and you got a son
but won't take care your own seed?
Bruh, teenagers hittin' the road
coming back with Ogs
and I ain't talking bout niggas
who over twenty-five, I'm talking weed
Back against the ropes, it ain't no time for callin' Creed
He went broke, couldn't pay his Ifa
he went crying on all his beads
No time for calling your momma'nem, no time for calling me
Shit hit 'em cause she done changed up on everybody
Had this ho from the Chi'
keep talking bout she gon' treat me
One of these lines cost 300
but I ain't grow up around Reese
Know to spin and hide his face
but he ain't grow up around Yeezy
God send who I asked for
if I can't handle her one day she gon' leave me
One day, you might have to ask the C. O. to turn on the Tv
One day, you might have to tell your P. O. you won't pee-pee
Got two life sentences, if his heart stop beating twice
they gon' free me

Someway, one day, eventually, I can get us all out the hood
Someway, one day, eventually
he'll come and love you like he should
Someway, one day, I'm livin' for all the niggas
I lost, I'll see you in the after world
Someway, one day
Someway, one day

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