Rylo Rodriguez

Switched Up

Rylo Rodriguez



Crushed diamonds in my watch, slashin' at me
All my jewelry on, rolling 'round the city one deep
If she want smoke, then she actin' blunt
Them niggas smoke, them niggas runtz
I don't care if you a fan, that boy a rat
Ain't takin' no pitches, I won't even bunt
Twenty-four, shooter round me like Kobe
Twenty more, racks on me GinĂłbili
On the floor, baseball game, my shirt was soaked in blood, would see the nosebleed, yeah
Crushed diamonds ashes in the Rolls Royce truck
Come from poverty, we won't even clean it up
I seen niggas die to this day still ain't got headstones (Got headstones)
Talk to my dawg, he locked away, say he miss his bedroom (Say he miss his bedroom)
Sleepin' with a [?] room (Sleepin' with a toy)
Hide your phone, hide your change (Shake it up, boy)
Hellcat, new model, Tyra Banks, yeah
Stunna, I might fuck around and ride the 'Vette
Twenty-four hunnid for a [?]
Call that hoe at 2: 30
This car right here go two-thirty
Two blue racks city, two-thirty
Banana, Glocks and 2-30's (2-30)
My watch it come from Hell, she on demon time
I was tryna win though, I couldn't even see the blinds

(What's happenin', Chi Chi?)
How these niggas switched up on me, I might as well switch up on these niggas

Fuck around and put the killer on payroll (Put a killer on payroll)
I shot 'em, send him the draco (Yeah, yeah)
Had them niggas shook, but my name ain't DeRozan (Ain't DeRozan)
Hiding in the open, still be feelin like I'm closed in
Clothesline, how my fists on the clothespin
I hope a jacker don't come take it (Don't come take it)
I hope a smoker don't come steal my shit (Steal my shit)
I ain't fucked in a year, but that hoe still my bitch
I know a trapper with a bald head, but he got hair on (Heroin)
She know I don't like to hit it, she ain't got her hair on
The street don't love a nigga back, I had to get on (Said I'd get on, yeah)
I know life a bitch but I'm tryna get on hurr' (Tryna get on)
They hope i catch a charge, they tryna find someone to tell on, he 'bout to tell on, tryna rat on
Thinkin' back, now where we went wrong
Touch down, had to call play back, it was holdin'
My dawg still ain't free, I could've swore I seen him rollin' (I was here)
Ten types of problems that I had 'fore this rap shit (On God)
Woah, woah, woah
I don't know why I'd be scared of him, if he can bleed, yeah
Still nutted even though she can bleed (Can believe)
[?] she a blood
For the whole new Nip, say she a Crip
Red, blue, bullet tips
Don't trip, don't panic... nah I'm lying, panic
Shooting dice, tryna get a bet don't care if I won a Grammy
Lot of these niggas one hit wonders, just like lil sammy
He stabbed me in my back, he turned his head, I stabbed em back
It was mutual
I wish you would know
Glock came with a dick, I sent this bitch a nude
Dracos and foreigns, hood niggas tourin' (Dracos and foreigns, hood niggas tourin')
I'm whole', but I'm tourin' (I'm whole', but I'm tourin')
We pull out magazines
Like it just got borin' (Like it just got borin')
Don't care if he blood, if it's smoke I'm on his ass
I tried to send my nigga to get buried, I pray they hurse ran out of gas (Yeah, yeah)
Ever since Kobe, I watch them run around with Corona masks (Yeah, yeah)
I earned my stripes just like a tiger fuck a care basket (Yeah, yeah)
They gon' need me when I'm gone (Ooh)
I always wanted to make this song
He survived twenty-one years in the city (What's happenin', Chi Chi?)
Caught a flight and he got murked out of town (Oh woah)
I know you don't love me, hoe stop playin' me (Playin' me, playin' me)
I lost twenty niggas but I don't want no sympathy (I don't want no sympathy)
Stayed down with me, I ain't have a cent on me (Ain't have a sense on me)
Tell me lil' hoe, what you want ya rent to be? (Tell me lil' hoe, what you want ya rent to be?)
(What's happenin', Chi Chi?)
Tell me lil' hoe, what you want ya rent to be? (Tell me lil' hoe, what you want ya rent to be?)
Air him out, like I got the vent on me, yea (I got the vent on me)
Got the vent on me, got the vent on me
Laying on me, lil' hoe, don't vent on me (Bitch, don't come and vent on me)
(What's happenin', Chi Chi?)
Don't talk to me, lil' bitch, don't vent to me (Bitch, I ain't tryna hear it)
From the bricks, I'll fuck a hoe that's vietnamese Rylo, you got money, you know you make her bend her knees
Way them boys spennin' hunnid on shirt, them niggas been on tees (What's happenin', Chi Chi?)
Booked up a year straight, I ain't dropped a mixtape
Booked up a year straight, ain't eenn dropped a mixtape
She wanna leave me but she gon' need a big rake (What's happenin', Chi Chi?)
Woah, woah

Red, blue, bullet tips
Red, blue, bullet tips
Red, blue, bullet tips
Red, blue, bullet tips
(What's happenin', Chi Chi?)

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