Rylo Rodriguez


Rylo Rodriguez

I'm from the trenches, we see 12, we hit a route like Chase
Or CeeDee Lamb, they got the traphouse wide open
Opps in the club, tryna have staring matches with a nigga
Can't wait to catch him, leave him dead with his eyes open
Ain't that gonna make your problems
gon' just go away or something
I know that sound a little bit crazy, but that's the real
Picked up a switch, left his equipment, he in the field
Money comin' in, I still ain't signed a major deal
Lil' bro died off a pill
No nigga ain't never popped more seals than me
I sip more lean than C
Know the game, I signed my cleats
She callin' my phone, I'm in the city, girl
like I signed to P
Yeah, he killed a nigga, he did it on camera
he ain't take a plea
I pray he beat it too
I answer when you call, but you ain't pick up
when I needed you
In Houston, James Harden house, we ain't playing hoops
Just got a message from your area code 732
Wonder why I only get your textes when I'm in Texas?

How bad you want it?
How bad you want it?
How bad you want it?
If loving you is wrong
then I don't wanna be right (What you got?)
I got niggas who I love that died
and I still haven't cried (The stories never told)

I'm so used to death, can't even shed no more tears
I'm so used to you depending on me for real
You got family I ain't seen in years
Cooler still'll get you bailed
Locked in, we ain't playing Madden
just make sure you get the bill
Backdoor, we reading books, hoping he get pardoned
She text me, "Oh, " I text her, "blocked"
like she from Parkway Garden
He rock strong, I don't feel that
And he got bodies, but he told, that boy a killer rat
Just like my spine, miss my lil' bros
wish I could get 'em back
I got all my jewelry, yeah, I'm posted in the trenches
In potholes, spillin' codeine in the Bentley

How bad you want it?
How bad you want it?
How bad you want it?
If loving you is wrong, then I don't wanna be right
I got niggas who I love that died, and I still haven't cried

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