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Playing With Fire

Russ Ballard

Baby when I think about it, then I thought we had it made
Like a fool I let you play two timer, but I'd be a bigger fool if I stayed

Now I don't come running, hey girl ain't it strange
I'm thunder, I'm lightning, 'cos I made the change
You don't believe it, 'cos I ain't the same, oh girl can't you see - you're

Playing with fire, playing with fire, when you play with me
But I won't play your mind games, girl count me out, walk away from me
Don't touch, you'll burn your hand, you still don't understand
You're playing with fire

Baby you see that in my heart, the smoke has turned to flame
The pain it was lost in the fire, now I won't break at the sound of your name

Now you cry, say will we love again
I guess that could be girl, but I don't know when
All I know is baby 'til then, that's how it's got to be

(chorus repeats 2x)


Playing with fire, playing with fire (repeats out)

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