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This Beautiful Pain


Day was young and desire was
stirred. Summer was all but
gone. Light was fading from the
side of your face. Sinking low
in the corn. All that's constant
and wise I still see in your
eyes it was always this way from
the start. Right here whre I
stand on the last of the land.
Bur you're still breaking the
heart. Now all I have is rushing
right through my hands. Sailing
over the seas. Down that tide
where fresh and salt combine.
All victories are released. We
who wrestle the years have
traded our fears for a glimpse
of ecstasy in the dark. Turning
ice in the fire but still we're
denied. But you're still
breaking the heart. The skies
turned red without failure. They
held their promise and dread
till the last. You put all of my
youth in my future. You put the
future back into my past. So
shine a light and shine it
brightly now. You know it all
takes it's course. And all the
many ways I've tried so hard to
reach this potent source. On the
day behind time across the
divide. Along the cord came all
light out of dark. Now I stand
amaze in this beautiful pain.
But you're still breaking the

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