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Born To Be Bad

The Runaways

Queens Of Noise

Bodies without minds
I hear you're the one with the bleeding heart
Blue and bittersweet
You tear my dreams apart

*Cause I was born to be bad
I'm not sad
But I'm glad I did it
Born to be bad
I'm not sad why don't you all get with it

The damned don't cry
Cry out when they're betrayed
Bodies slam they scream
As the keynotes fade


I called my mother from Hollywood the other day
And I said "Mom, I just called to tell ya I joined a rock and roll band
And I won't be coming home no more"
You know what she did?
She started crying and weeping and wimpering like all mothers do
She woke up my father and told him about it and he said
"There ain't a damn thing we can do, thats the way she is
She was just born to be bad"

I want you to bring me his ears
To satisfy my mad desires
And if he bites the dust
We'll just have to miss my fire


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