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Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)

Run The Jewels

[Intro: Zack de la rocha]
Run them jewels fast, run them, run them jewels fast
Run them, run them, r-run them, r-run them, run them
Fuck the slow mo

[Killer mike (el-p) ]
Fashion slave, you protestin' to get in a fuckin' look book
Everything I scribble's like an anarchist's cookbook
(Look good, posin' in the centerfold of crook book)
Black on black on black with the ski mask
that is my crook look
How you like my stylin' bruh? Ain't nobody smilin' bruh
'Bout to turn this mothafucka up like riker's island, bruh
Where my thuggers and my crippers
and my blooders and my brothers?
When you niggas gon' unite
and kill the police, mothafuckas?
And take over a jail, give them cos hell
The burnin' of the sulfur, goddamn I love the smell
Now get to pillow torchin', where the fuck the warden?
And when you find him, we don't kill him
we just waterboard him
We killin' them for freedom
cause they tortured us for boredom
And even if some good ones die
fuck it, the lord'll sort 'em

[El-p (killer mike) ]
We out a order, your honor, you're out a order
This whole court is unimportant
you fuckers are walkin' corpses
I'm a clip wig synonym livin' within distortion
I'll bite into a cyanide molar before you whores win
I'm a new yorkian, I'm fucked from the jump
I wear my yankee so tilted I actually walk with a hunch
Look at mikey, I think he likey, we are sinister sons
(And we the type to greet the preacher
with a grin and a gun)

[Zack de la rocha]
Run them jewels fast, run them, run them jewels fast
Run them, run them, r-run them
r-run them, run them, r-run them
Run them jewels fast, run them, run them jewels fast
Run them, run them, r-run them
r-run them, run them, r-run them

[El-p (killer mike) ]
A wise man once said, ("we all dead, fuck it")
Just spit it disgustin' youngin'
and hold your nuts while you gunnin'
I listened, tatted the sentence on my dick last summer
Now I'll never get that phrase off my brain, it's no wonder
I'm here to buy hearts, I got hundreds, honey
The cheaper the parts, the better buy for the money
I'm trained in vagina whisperin'
glistenin', waitin' for the christenin'
I know the neighbors can't help but listen in
A dirty boy who come down on the side of dissonance
I can't even relax without sirens off in the distances
Not shittin' you, little buddy, this fuckin' island's a prison
The only solace I have is the act of conjugal visiting

[Killer mike (el-p) ]
My solitary condition's preventin' conjugal visits
Though mainly missin' my missus
they keepin' me from my children
Conditions create a villain, the villain is given vision
The vision becomes a vow to seek vengeance
on all the vicious
Liars and politicians, profiteers of the prisons
The forehead engravers and slavers of men and women
Including members of clergy that rule on you
through religion
(He'll strip your kids to the nude
and then tell 'em God will forgive 'em)

[Zack de la rocha]
It's de la on the cut, lifting six on your snitching crew
I'm miles ahead of you, you can sip my bitches brew
My battle status is burning mansions
from dallas to malibu
Check my résumé, your residence is residue
Call her a skin job and my honey dip will backflip for you
You playin' God, your eye sockets she gon' rip into
We sick of bleeding now trey spray and victim you
Done dyin', phillip ak dick in you
With clips in the bottom, we dipping through gotham
Yes eclipsed by the shadows, a dark dance to the coffin
I'm a fellow with melanin, suspect of a felony
Rip like rakim allah, feds be checkin' my melody
Yes aggressively testin'
with bunk stretches and penalties
Dump cases when facing to cop pleas
when we seizing the pump
With reason to dump on you global grand dragons
Still piling fast bucks, afghani toe taggin'
Know they trackin' me cause we bustin' back, see
The only thing that close quicker than our caskets
be the factories

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