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Ice Cream (Interlude)

Royce da 5'9"

The Allegory

Hey, mommy?
What's a allegory?
An allegory is a story with a subliminal meaning that has a political message based off the writer's mind
Can you get me something from the ice cream truck?
Of course, baby
What's goin' on 'lil man, what can I get for you?
Now for as long as I can remember, the ice cream truck been playin' this same song
I bet you don't even know the origin of it, do you? Do you, Mr. Ice Cream Man?
Lady, what the hell are you talkin' ab—
Allow me to enlighten you, Mr. Ice Cream Man
A white man named Harry C. Brown made a racist-ass song called "Nigga Love A Watermelon"
That was in 1916 on Columbia Records
And here you are, a 100 years later, comin' through your neighborhood playin' the same fuckin' song
Way to go Mr. Ice Cream Man
Wait a minute, hold up
Ain't you neverteddy69 from Tinder?

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