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Twinkle Toes (Alt Version)

Roy Orbison

Written by Roy Orbison/Bill Dees

Hey boys, gather round boys, the money's right
Go down to low town for me tonight
Walk onto forty four and knockon that big black door
Lay some money on that man
And get the very best table you can

Well,there's a soul band’s wailing behind the beat,
And they cook when the blue lights spin.
There's a “go-go girl” yeah,
She works it out,now.
Look when you walk in,

Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah.Everybody knows
To see her dance,now,My TwinkleToes.

Well the people put my good baby down
Cos she comes from across the track
But Twinkle toes and I got a good thing
And we don't look back

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
That's twinkle toes
Ah yeah my baby
My twinkle toes

Twinkle Toes is dancing 'cos she's lonely
The world may take me very far away
Twinkle toes, she knows I love her only
But give her lovely times some lovely day
Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey

Tell twinkle toes that I love her
But I've got a train that just won't wait
Tell Twinkle toes I'm dreaming of her
I've tried to get by but it's too late, too late

Well I'm gone now boys and do have a good time
But don't forget me
If she thought I left without goodbye
I'd die in misery

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
She's twinkle toes
Tell her I love her
My twinkle toes

Yeah, Twinkle Toes,
Dance on and on girl.
I got...
You know I want you

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Well twinkletoes you know I love you
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Baby doll yeah, keep on dancing
Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah
My Twinkle Toes...

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