Spring Fever

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison

This lackadaisical mood is driving me mad, I'm feeling so lazy
Flowers in bloom, and I'm humming a tune
I've looked at the moon till I'm crazy

The temperature is a little bit warm, and though I know he meant no harm
Oh, spring fever has got me in love with you, with you, with you, oh, spring fever
Church bells are ringing and the birdies are singing, cute little cupid is calling
The birds and the bees and the budding trees have made the love bug come calling

I feel just like a love sick fool, Mother Nature, now don't be cruel because oh,
Spring fever has got me so in love with you, with you, with you, oh, spring fever
Spring has sprung, well I've really been stung, there's no reason to doubt it
I'm really in love, Cupid gave me the shove, there ain't no two ways about it

By this beautiful sky of blue I swear I'll never get over you, oh spring fever
Has got me so in love with you, oh, spring fever

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